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1. Watch the following video clips:BALLET:RITUAL DANCE:Compare ballet to ritual dance. What are the basic differences? Are there any similarities?  Which do you prefer more than the other, and why?2. consider the role of art from the earliest humans to the present day and how much of this art has spiritual, religious, and cultural significance. Given what you have learned and any additional research you may have performed, engage with the class in a discussion about whether the British Museum and other similar museums should be allow to keep artifacts from ancient times, or should these artifacts be returned to those who now live in the places where the artifacts were found. Consider the opinions of the rest of the course and adjust your position if you find the ideas and rationales of others to be compelling.3. The Roman Empire was a major force for change during this period of history.  After reading the text and doing supportive research, discuss with the class significant changes in the arts (in terms of form, function, and aesthetics) that has been attributed to the Roman Empire and the evidence for these changes.4. identify an art form that has, in your opinion, changed the most during the Renaissance. Stake your claim, describe the nature of the change, discuss the change, and defend your claim against those of your professor and the other students by means of critical thinking, solid evidence, and well-reasoned and presented arguments.5. Developments in 19th century made it possible for many artists to produce art for it’s own sake without needing patronage. What conditions were required that enabled this change? Include societal, technological, and artistic development as you frame your opinion. Come to the discussion prepared to take a position and defend or refine it accordingly.Show more 


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