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1. What is the basic question Charles Darwin was trying to answer?2. What did Darwin discover while studying developing embryos (snakes, whales, human)?3. What helped Darwin come up with the idea for natural selection?4. How did Darwin explain how one species of finch had turned into many?5. What lead to the different shaped beaks?6. What is the name of Darwin’s book? __________________________________________7. Describe the two kinds of mice in the desert.8. What did the researchers find that explained the different color mice fur?9. What can we study today that Darwin couldn’t?10. What is the genetic prerequisite for natural selection? How does it come about?11. What is a gene? What do genes turn into?12. Name one way that DNA can change.13. Are mutations necessarily good or bad? Explain.14. What did scientists think would be revealed by the number of genes in the human and other animal genomes?15. How many genes did scientists guess there would be in the human genome before the genome was sequenced?16. How many are there? Why did this number not answer the basic question being asked by the film?17. Where did scientists go next for answers? 18. What is coding and non-coding DNA?19. What is meant by gene switches?20. What does a gene switch determine? How does that contribute to diversity of species?


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