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1.what is the downside to symbiosis?  Explain how and why it is necessary to stabilize and regulate microbial flora within their chosen host. Compare and contrast how this is done in insect vs. human bodies.2. What is the connection between antibiotic use and rising autoimmune disease rates?  What type of diet encourages a more diverse intestinal microbiome and why?  How has our antiseptic nation contributed to a rise in diagnosed allergies?3. Explain how microbiomes develop in animal offspring?  What are the differences between vertical and horizontal transmission?  What is the “hologenome”?4. What is mutualistic symbiosis? How can this arrangement negate the need for a digestive tract in chemosynthetic animals5. Why do you think HGT is happening in insects and plants more often than humans? Explain why biologists might observe long periods of slow evolution of a given plant or animal, followed by a sudden leap forward in physical or metabolic change.6. While standing in front of a probiotic display at Fredmeyer you are trying to decide; buy the product containing Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus, or the one made of Bacteroides, Akkermansia, and Faecalibacterium?  Which one will be more effective at stopping your gastroenteritis?  To ensure success of treatment what prebioticmeasures could you take?


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