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4-page literature review essay discussing the connections between 10 of the sources given at the bottom of this message (at least 3 have to be a peer-reviewed journal or a university press).The objective is to connect the voices, the main ideas of each source, and their perspectives regarding the public and private policy in “too big to fail” to explain how they relate to each other. The sources can be identified individually as an introduction to the problem, one of the different sides/viewpoints/perspectives, solutions to the problem, and/or opposing another source. This essay also requires analyzing and synthesizing. MLA style citations. Alles, Michael, and John Friedland. “Reforming Governance of ‘Too Big to Fail’ Banks: The Prudent Investor RULE and Enhanced Governance Disclosures by Bank Boards of Directors.” Journal of Banking Regulation 13.3 (2012): 189-210. Web. Articulate interrelatedness Bair, Sheila. “Why Taxpayers may Now be Off the Hook when a Big Bank Fails.” Fortune 167.6 (2013): 60. Web. BROWNING, LYNNLEY. “Too Big to Tax.” Newsweek Global 163.18 (2014): 18-20. Web. CALABRIA, MARK A. “An End to Bailouts. (Cover Story).” National Review 65.1 (2013): 33-5. Web. Calomiris, Charles W. “A Better Solution for Too-Big-to-Fail Banks.” Wall Street Journal – Eastern Edition 263.125 (2014): A15-. Web. Carney, John. “The Taxing Puzzle of Solving the Too-Big-to-Fail Problem.” Wall Street Journal – Eastern Edition 263.56 (2014): C6-. Web. Fed Official: Too-Big-to-Fail Hurts Small Banks.” Compliance Reporter (Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC) (2010): 41-. Web. Fisher, Richard W. “Paradise Lost: Addressing Too Big to Fail.” Cato Journal 30.2 (2010): 323-31. Web Kaufman, George G. “Too Big to Fail in Banking: What does it Mean?” Journal of Financial Stability 13 (2014): 214-23. Web. Melaschenko, Paul, and Noel Reynolds. “A Template for Recapitalising Too-Big-to-Fail Banks.” BIS Quarterly Review (2013): 25-39. Web. Moosa, Imad. “The Myth of Too Big to Fail.” Journal of Banking Regulation 11.4 (2010): 319-33. Web. Mullineux, Andrew W. “Taxing Banks Fairly.” International Review of Financial Analysis 25 (2012): 154-8. Web. Packin, Nizan Geslevich. “Supersize them? Large Banks, Taxpayers and the Subsidies that Lay between.” Northwestern Journal of International Law & Business 35.2 (2015): 229-95. Web. Rodríguez Valladares, Mayra. “Why the ‘Too Big to Fail’ Problem just Won’t Die.” American Banker 180.25 (2015): 1. Web. Smith, Roy C. “The Dilemma of Bailouts.” Independent Review 16.1 (2011): 15-26. Web. Stan, Mitchell, and Michael L. McIntyre. “Too Big to Fail? Size and Risk in Banking.” Academy of Banking Studies Journal 11.2 (2012): 11-21. Web. Thomas, Kenneth,H. “Candidates should use Deposit Insurance Reform to Fight TBTF.” American Banker 180.163 (2015): 0. Web


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