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Here is my draft with the research ( actual case that happened in the reference page) I will give you the problem statement and alternatives that I have. Will you be able to further provide the pros and cons that you think with reasoning? I think that will save you time. I will just attach the final draft that I got so that you can see the differences. i assume. The department accommodate religious belief for other members. Joe was fired for failure to respond and compromise to his direct order . We can’t sue him against on the discrimination ground. The pro and con has to come from each criteria as in , does it have positive effect on cost? positive effect on acceptance of affected parties? positive effect on legal/ethic ? etc. This is what I have . We have to present it in case format. If you can just edit the draft that I sent you, reword and make it more concise or add certain references , I will just accept it. But, please follow the format. This is not an article review. However, I will need it back in 2 hours. Otherwise, I will just follow through with what I have from my draft. I would like to have a general draft on how you would approach the case, your alternatives and it’s pro and cons. Guidelines are mentioned at the back of the case


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