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Addresses Learning Outcome:This assignment is designed for you to demonstrate your ability to communicate your knowledge of a disease to the lay (non-scientific and non-medical) public.The disease or disorder should not be a common disease that has already addressed in our course.  Common diseases include coronary artery disease, Alzheimer disease, arthritis, diabetes, AIDS, hypo- and hyper-thyroidism, hypertension, psoriasis, sleep apnea, Lyme’s Disease, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, mononucleosis, asthma, urinary tract infections, many STDs (check with your instructor), irritable bowel disease, strep throat, MRSA, polio, tuberculosis, Lockjaw, anorexia nervosa, autism, Down syndrome, and many cancers (check with your instructor).  For any additions to this list, check with your instructor.In this assignment, you will develop good working knowledge of unique (uncommon) chronic disease or a unique preventable disease.    Check with your instructor for approval of your topic selection.ProcessContentFormat of the pamhletGrading RubricThis project has three phases:1. Select a Topic.  By the end of the second week of the course (see Course Schedule for due date), you will be required to post your chosen topic and information about why you chose it in a designated area in the Conferences.  The information you present should include sufficient detail to demonstrate that you have completed some preliminary research and should present a clear rationale for your choice.2. Develop a reference list and outline.  By the end of the fifth week of the course (see Course Schedule for due date), you will be required to submit a list of references and an outline for your pamphlet in the Conferences.  The outline should go beyond the list of required elements to sketch out some of the facts you have learned about the disease – for example, it might include a bullet list of the symptoms.  The reference list and outline should demonstrate that you have conducted at least preliminary research into the topic and that you have a grasp of the facts related to the disease.  Note that the reference list and outline that you present in week five could still be subject to change as you complete the research and writing of your final paper.3. Write the pamphlet and be prepared to discuss it.  You will post the pamphlet in a designated discussion conference by the end of week 7 (see Course Schedule for exact due date). As a presenter and topic expert, you will be responsible for answering classmates’ questions and reacting to their comments. You will also read classmates’ pamphlets and will have a chance to discuss them during the last week of the class.At a minimum, your pamphlet should contain the following required elements:List all references at the end of your pamphlet. You must use at least five references from credible, scientifically rigorous sources and cite them using American Psychological Association (APA) style. Two or more references should be from the UMUC Library. The references cited should be no older than seven years (published 2004 – 2011).  References should be listed on a separate page that does not count toward the required length of the paper.Pamphlet (final product) is worth 12% (class 7)


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