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After reading Vasari’s “Life of Michelangelo” and Wallace’s “A Week in the Life of Michelangelo,” please answer the following three questions. You will also need to comment upon another student’s response.Please note that Vasari is a contemporary of Michelangelo and thus his biography is considered a primary source (something that was written or created in the time period under study). Wallace is a modern art historian, who has researched Michelangelo’s life (using multiple primary sources including Vasari) for his article (which is a secondary source). These authors have very different motivations (for more on Vasari’s motivation’s make sure to listen to this week’s narrated talks), which you should keep in mind, while reading and answering the following questions.For following questions make sure to not only quote/refer to the first couple of pages of the readings, make sure to show you read both readings fully.Show more 


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