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1) a) Watch the video for “Non piu andrai” from the Marriage of Figaro by Mozart-and then tell me the setting, b) describe the costumes, c) what is the solo vocalist (Figaro) singing about? d)  name the texture of the music, and e) Does Cherubino reply back to the soloist (Figaro)?2) a) Name Haydn’s work that is still most widely performed today?  b) What genre is this work? c) What music ensembles does Haydn use to impart the story vividly and dramatically? d) This particular work depicts the ______ ___ ___ _____? e) Were Haydn’s opera’s comparable to Mozart’s opera’s?3) a) Name one Opera siera. b) Name one Opera buffa. c) Name the one opera composed by Beethoven. d) How many compositional periods is Beethoven’s career divided into? e) In which period did he write the 5th Symphony?4) a) Describe the first motive or theme heard in the first movement of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony in C minor? b) Name the three forms used in all four movements of the 5th Symphony! c) Listen to the four movements and tell me what you hear in the 4th movement that you also heard in the third movement? d) After listening to the end of 4th movement, describe the ending or coda-if you will!5) a) Define “Art Song.” b) Define “through-composed form.” c) Define the term “modified strophic.” d) Who was the most important lieder composer of the early Romantic Era. e) How many different roles does the soloist sing in “Erlkonig?” CD 1: Track 36.Extra Credit (5 points)6) a) Describe the relationship between Robert and Clara Wieck Schuman. b) How many children did they have? c) What happened to Robert Schumann later in life? d) What did Clara do to further her husbands music in her later years? e) Listen to “Leibst du um Schonheit” by Clara Wieck Schuman and give your reaction to the piece! CD 4: Track 11 or more 


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