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An experiment usually requires both an experimental condition and a control condition. The difference is that, in the control condition, the subjects are: according to sociobiologists, it is adaptive for male courtship behavior to: The chemical messengers in the nervous system that can affect mood, memory, and well-being are called: Psychoactive drugs increase, decrease, block, and/or bind the effects of: the central nervous system. the brain. neurotransmitters. one’s mental state peripheral receptors. sensory nerves. neurotransmitters. glycogen. according to sociobiologists, it is adaptive for male courtship behavior to: desire stability. idealize security. be choosy. be promiscuous not exposed to the manipulation of the independent variable. randomly assigned. exposed to variations in the dependent variable. used primarily to expose experimenter effects psychology challenges our beliefs and prejudices. Wilhelm Wundt was the first person to announce that he intended to: establish a school of psychology called functionalism. listen to his patients’ descriptions of their symptoms and feelings. make psychology a science and publish the results from his laboratory studies. draw a “map” of the human brain (phrenology).


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