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Money Makes the World go RoundEveryday millions of skillful, college educated people wake up to slave away to the boss man atmediocre middle class jobs. Ironically millions of limited skill, non-college educated people also do thesame but because of their qualifications have lower class jobs. What do these two groups of peoplehave in common? Money. Money controls just about every aspect of a human’s life. Every activitywarrants some exchange of the popular tender whether we want to believe it or not.For most people, getting a job for the first time is an exciting adventure, others, not so much. Itmeans being financially independent and being on your own with all the rights and responsibilitiesensued. However, most of these first time jobs offer minimum wage. The minimum wage is the lowestwage permitted by federal law. Minimum wage is not meant to be a living wage, it is meant as astepping-stone wage to help you acquire the skills and experience needed to be a more qualified andmarketable employee or as some refer to as the middle class.


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