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Assignment: Violation of Copyright Privileges Learning Objectives and Outcomes Describe violation of copyright privileges as applied to a scenario. Assignment Requirements This assignment builds upon “Discussion: Copyright and its Various Owner Rights.” In this assignment, you, the original composer and performing artist of a hot new pop song, need to: Describe the specific intellectual property laws that were violated in your case. Propose remedies the law provides for the violations. Write a summary of your findings. Prior summarizing, list your major findings from the discussion and this assignment in a bullet-point list. Collate all your findings in the summary keeping in mind the evaluation questions on which you will be graded. Required Resources None Submission Requirements Format: Microsoft Word Font: Arial 10-point size, Double-space Citation Style: Your school’s preferred style guide Length:: No more than 500 words Evaluation Criteria and Rubric Did the students correctly identify the laws that were violated? Did the students list the specific rights that were violated? Did the students list the possible remedies?


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