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Title:                           Athenian Democracy vs. American DemocracyOverview:                   In this assignment you will be writing the same essay twice.After reading some editorials and commentaries found on the Ancient Greece LibGuide (Athens section) about ancient Athenian democracy and American democracy, you will write one essay attempting to persuade your reader of the similarities between the two.In the second essay you will attempt to persuade your reader just as strongly that there are too many differences or dissimilarities between the two to draw comparisons.Requirements:           Each paper must be between 750 and 1000 words long.      MLA CitationDetails:                       The goal of this assignment is to get you to write just as passionately and convincingly on opposite sides of an issue.      Due date: October 25References:                MLA Formatting and Style Guide      Textbook — chapter 3      LibGuide — Ancient Greece (check Athens section for the articles)


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