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DescriptionThe court system1. List the monetary limits that apply to the civil jurisdiction of the courts in your State or Territory.2. List the court or courts which have the authority to decide the following disputes in your State or Territory:(i) a dispute over the non-payment of $60 000; (ii) criminal charges for shoplifting; (iii) a dispute over who owns the rights to a trade­ mark; (iv) a civil appeal from a single judge of the Supreme Court; (v) a constitutional dispute between a State and the Commonwealth.3. Briefly explain the legal basis on which a person may appeal to a higher court.4.IJ List three areas of law within the jurisdiction of the following federal courts: (i) Federal Magistrates Court; (in the Federal Court; (iii) the High Court.5. A computer systems consultant in your jurisdiction has been ordered to pay damages of $65 000 in no small furniture wholesale company for installing a faulty ordering system. The court that heard the case was strongly influenced by evidence from an IT expert that the system did not perform as it should have.(a) Which court(s) would have heard this case?(b) Which court would have jurisdiction to hear an appeal from the decision?(c) Suggest two grounds on which the contractor could appeal.(d) List any higher courts of appeal that could deal with this case


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