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Background Do you think that the Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2014 promotes creativity in Hong Kong, or rather impedes it? If you have the power to amend the Ordinance, would you amend it and if so, how? And explain why the existing law (or your amendment) could balance the interests between copyright owners and users, and thus benefit the society. Question You may be interested to read the full text of the Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2014, which can be found at: Guidance Three directions for your essay: Right of communication to public (Section 22(1)(fa) and 28A added) and corresponding criminal sanctions (Section 118 (8B) added) The scope of copyright exception (Section 39 substituted and 39A added) Safe harbor for OSPs (Section 65A added and Part II, Division IIIA added) You may discuss more than one direction. Your essay must be limited to 1,500 words and saved as a MS word document. Please state your word count on the last page of your work and submit your file on Moodle before the deadline. Your submission will be checked by Turnitin, and you must avoid plagiarism. Work exceeding the word limit, plagiarised work or late submission will not be accepted and will result in an automatic grade of fail for this assessment task. Plagiarism may further result in a grade of fail for the course


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