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Before you answer this question:Read textbook pp. 10-24 (Melody, Harmony, Rhythm) and pp. 90-107 (Renaissance Music)Listen to Josquin’s “Ave Maria, virgo…serena” and Three Dances by Tielman Susato (on your CD) while reading listening guides (p. 95 and p. 103)Josquin’s “Ave Maria, virgo…serena” and the dances by Tielman Susato are examples of music from the sacred and secular worlds of the Renaissance.The listening guides are on pp. 95 and 103 of your textbook; the music is on the CD-ROM.In which piece is the melody more important, and in which is the rhythm more important? Of course both pieces use melody and rhythm. How would you describe the differences in the rhythm and melody of both this pieces? What sort of meaning or impression is conveyed to you by the melody and rhythm in these examples?Length: 150 words (minimum)Show more 


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