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Your group should expand on the foundational work you did documenting the key IT services provided for undergraduate students at WOU. In the first assignment, you built “an inventory of the high-level IT systems and services that currently serve our undergraduate students”. Next, your group will:Identify 5 to 7 microservices that logically could be included in this architecture. Each microservice should be focused on a business concept that would make sense to a non-IT professional at WOU. Provide a name for each microservice along with a 1 paragraph description. Hint: one of your microservices should be STUDENT.Identify 3 to 5 behaviors that each of these microservices should offer. For the purposes of this assignment, focus exclusively on “lookups” or “searches” – API calls that in a RESTful web service would use the GET verb. Hint: a behavior of the STUDENT microservice should be “lookup student by ID (V number)”.Parts 1 and 2 do not require any diagrams – just text descriptions.Create a 1 page diagram showing likely relationships between these microservices. Use arrows to show dependencies, and include a text annotation explaining the dependency. Hint: Let’s say you have a TUITION microservice along with a STUDENT microservice. The TUITION service would likely be dependent on the STUDENT service.Show more 


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