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I need you to write a paper about Social and Emotional Development in Early Childhood. In the paper you need to explain the key concepts of Social and Emotional Development. You must also answer these questions:This paper will be three pages long, 1300 words, not including title, abstract, or reference pages. APA format is required. APA does not use the first person. Do not use the word “I”. Use your writing skills in answering the two questions without using first-person!Three sources required. You may not use Psychology Today, Redbook, or similar sources for your material. You may not use Websters, Wikipedia nor WebMD or other similar online sources in your paper.Please make sure you cite all the information in the essay. I will check the essay originality before accepting it. I expect you to follow all the instructions.Below are two good sources you can use for the essay. Please read and use them. One more source is needed.Thank you.


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