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COMM 171 Documented Essay Assignment – Part 1 and 21This 2-stage documented essay assignment is designed for you to apply the essay writing skillsyou have developed in order to meet the following course learning outcomes:– Write coherent and grammatically correct essays in response to readings, developing andsupporting a central idea/thesis appropriate to the intended audience;– Demonstrate the knowledge of essay structure, mechanics of writing, and the function ofintroductory, supporting and concluding paragraphs in essay writing in response toassigned readings;– Apply the skills of editing and proofreading to compose, revise, and edit writtenassignments so that they are consistently free of errors in spelling, syntax and grammar;and– Integrate quotations, information, and ideas from sources used, and providedocumentation in the APA format using parenthetical references and an APA referencepage.Part 1 –Guidelines:1. Read assigned readings and consider as a reference2. Create an outline for the documented essay.Part 2 –Guidelines:1. Working with your outline edit and revise your essay structure and sentences.2. Revise/create an academic outline for your essay.3. Integrate references to the readings in APA parenthetical style (minimum of 4references, 1 must be a secondary source).4. Revise your essay into proper APA style including an APA title page, proper spacing,parenthetical references and a reference page. (Your reference page must include atleast 4 sources).


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