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Smarthinking Tutor Response FormYour tutor has written overview comments about your essay in the form below. Your tutor has alsoembedded comments [in bold and in brackets] within your essay. Thank you for choosingSmarthinking to help you improve your writing!Hello, Sharada! My name is Marie, and I look forward to working with you on this Essay CenterReview to improve your writing today. Let's get started!*Writing Strength:Have a look at these sentences from your paper:Chronic mental illness may be extremely difficult for family units to handle given the adversesocial stigmas, which exist regarding the disease in most communities across the globe today.Chronic severe mental illness in family members could result in almost constant monitoringand care, depending on the intensity and the illness.Your introduction provides the necessary background information that your reader needs to knowabout your topic. The introduction does its function to set the stage for your essay. Keep up the goodwork, Sharada!Main Idea/ThesisMaking sure that the thesis carries the overall idea of your literature review on chronic mentalillnesses will give you a good thesis. Remember that the thesis has to present a 1-2 sentencessummary of your work. Look at your current thesis below:Most of the literature that surrounds mental illnesses in the families is psychology based. Inaddition, there is a resilient need for communication-based explorations to better comprehendsuch families.This thesis is telling that most of the literature is psychology-based, and what is needed to understandthe topic. It doesn’t really tell what your sources revolve on, Sharada. Remember that a literaturereview is organized based on the ideas from the sources and not the sources themselves. Since thethesis needs to express clearly what the paper is about, you need to make sure that it carries thecentral idea of your sources. What is the theme about chronic mental illnesses that you want to focuson in this literature review? What are issues that connect the ideas of your sources together? Whatparticular perspective on the materials would you like to present in your review? For instance, here’s asample thesis below:Recent studies about bigamy show that people are starting to accept this phenomenon as asubject worthy of academic consideration.


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