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Topic :  Differences between College Graduation Rates for Rich and Poor students. 1 Choose one (1) research topic related to college students that you would like to research for the semester. Share your topic of interest with the class by completing the following statement: My study is about… and it should matter to people because… [Note: Your topic cannot be the same as another student’s topic.]2. “Research Topic Exploration, continued”Summarize one (1) peer-reviewed article from an online library database on your research topic. Post the link to the article and describe the goal, process, and results of the study. [Note: Your article cannot be the same as another student’s article.]3. Find one (1) qualitative and one (1) quantitative peer-reviewed article in the online library databases on your research topic. Post both article links to the discussion board and summarize each study’s goal, questions asked, data collection, methodology, and findings.4. Using your research topic, briefly describe in at least one (1) paragraph how you would approach it from both a qualitative and quantitative approach. What type of research appeals to you more, and why?


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