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Two COMPARATIVE MYTH ANALYSIS papersBoth of these two papers should be 3-4 pagesPick a myth translated in the Maurizio or ACM textbooks and a myth from a culture other than Greece or Rome (preferably one of those supplied by Maurizio).  Be sure to choose one that has significant parallels to the Greco-Roman myth in its theme(s) or type of divine or human characters.  Use the questions below to construct an outline of your analysis.  You can arrange the order in which you address these questions any way you want, preferably in an order that fits the development of your analysis towards a conclusion.  Be sure to form your analysis into an essay, with a thesis, once you have decided what your research reveals about the myth.I got the book Maurizio ( classical mythology in content) on Vitalsource as a ebook version are readings of the comparison of the greek mythology with other cultures in every chapter in this book and it is really easy to find.  What you need to do is reading those texts and follow the steps which is showed in the attachment?guidelines) to write these two papers.When you start working on the paper, I will give you my account and password. And you can use the book free.The account and password of Vitalsource are m m s z s @ 126 .com (no space) ; JPs1995513$ , you can click the link which I gave you to go to the website. Feel free to ask me if you got any question.


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