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Assignment I Comparative State ConstitutionsThe purpose of this assignment is to provide you an understanding of the variation between state constitutions in terms of rights, governmental powers, democracy, inter alia. States, via their constitutions, vary immensely in the enumeration of rights, governmental powers, and the democratic-electoral process.You will examine the Arizona and New Mexico state constitutions by reading through them and noting how they differ in terms of rights, governmental powers, and democratic-electoral process, inter alia. After you have read the constitutions of Arizona and New Mexico, you will answer some questions concerning the comparative differences and similarities between the two-state constitutions.Rubric:I will be looking at the following when reviewing your answers: relevance, usage, grammar, and completeness. Relevance is answering the question presented without redundancy. Usage is the use of proper diction and vocabulary. Avoid the use of colloquial terms and phrases and slang. Grammar involves proper sentence structure and punctuation. Avoid run-on sentences and fragments and use proper comma placement, etc. Completeness is providing a sufficient answer in terms of the requirements noted. This course has a Gordon Rule requirement of a total of 6,000 words. The first assignment requires a total of 1,300 words.


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