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What is the connection between the Elmira Reformatory and the development of parole? What were the characteristics of the penological revolution that occurred in California toward the end of World War II? Why are prisons usually located in rural areas? What factors led to the riot at Attica Correctional Facility? What are the “just deserts” criticisms of the corrections approach? What is determinate sentencing with wide discretion? What is presumptive sentencing? How does the indeterminate sentence differ from the determinate sentence? What are the criticisms of the indeterminate sentence from both conservatives and liberals? What is the purpose of “good time”? How do “truth-in-sentencing” statutes affect prison populations? Explain how pressing economic conditions led to the popularity of parole release. What are the arguments against abolishing parole release? What led to the significant increase in parole release during the Great Depression? What was the connection between the great faith in science and the medical model? What is the relationship between the corrections approach and the indeterminate sentence? What is meant by the “medical model” approach to criminals? What are the questionable assumptions upon which the medical model is based? What are the criticisms of the medical model? What did research by Robert Martinson and his colleagues conclude and what was the importance of their research? Explain why, as a result of plea bargaining, the determinate sentences do not reduce unwarranted variation in sentencing and time served in prison. How can a parole board reduce sentencing disparity? How can the determinate sentence enhance a prosecutor’s ability to plea bargain? Under determinate sentencing, how have correctional officials become de facto parole boards? What is “split sentencing?” Additional Requirements


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