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Assignment No. 2Each student to develop a site logistics planInclude adjacent streetsShow building orientation on sitePrepare a project site layout and organizational plan (graphically and narratively)At a minimum your plan should include:· A site logistics plan for the mobilization phase of the project (from mobilizationthrough demolition).· A site logistics plan for the rough-in phase of the project.· A site logistics plan for the finishes phase of the project until substantial completion.At a minimum you should address:· Jobsite access to and from the worksite; for workers, occupants, public.· Temporary facilities; utilities, offices, storage, sanitary.· Materials handling; material movement, delivery, storage, and handling.· Security, safety, and signage; both inside and outside.· Communications to owner, occupants, public.· Work sequence, policies, and proceduresNo presentations in classSince no presentations, provide a written narrative of the work sequence and completeexplanation of the plan. This narrative shall be as if you are presenting this to your clientand explaining what your plan is and defending it.Any data not identified on the plan but included in your concept shall be defined in thenarrative.Show more 


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