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Module 4 – HomeContinuous ImprovementModular Learning OutcomesUpon successful completion of this module, the student will be able to satisfy the following outcomes:•Case ?Evaluate and analyze the importance of team assessment and improvement.•SLP ?Identify and analyze your own team processes and learning.Module OverviewAs a team nears the end of its project, there is a tendency for members to focus on winding up their work and tying up loose ends. However, there is another very important task that faces the team—one that is often overlooked or ignored.The final stage in the team process introduced in Module 1 was “Closure.” In this module, we will explore the process of closure and examine the steps that teams should take to assess what worked, what didn’t, and what needs to be improved for more effective and efficient teamwork in the future. This process involves two interrelated activities:•Assessment•Action Planning for Learning and ImprovementModule 4 – BackgroundContinuous ImprovementOften team assessment and evaluation takes place through informal discussions among team members. This may take place spontaneously in co-located teams, but it is especially important to formalize these procedures in virtual teams. Even co-located teams can benefit from a planned and conscious evaluation of their work product and process.There are a number of tools that can be used to evaluate the performance and process of a team. The following reading describes several such processes. We will introduce and implement an additional one in the Case for this module.Tactics and Techniques for Evaluating Consensus Team Decision Making. (n.d.) National Defense University. Retrieved from Learning and Improvement ReadingOnce the assessment is done and areas of improvement have been identified, the team needs to put this learning into practice for continuous improvement of team functioning. One way to do this is to develop an action plan to help concretize improvement goals and determine what steps need to be taken to achieve them. An effective action plan will include a timetable and realistic, clearly defined steps that the team can take to enhance performance. This plan should be reviewed periodically to assess progress and results.The following article is no longer in print, but is used by the author’s permission. It explains the purpose and process of creating action plans:^^^^^^^^Allen, G. (2007). Action planning. Used by author’s permission.*****Here is a template for constructing an action plan. It may help you with your SLP assignment:Action Plan Template. (n.d.) Free Word Templates and Formats. Retrieved from ASSIGNMENT (ATTACHED FILE CHART) and directions for completingMGT508, MOD 4, CASE ASSIGNMENTCONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENTSLP ASSIGNMENTModule 4 – SLPContinuous ImprovementSLP Assignment ExpectationsIn this final SLP, you will construct a simplified action plan with your team to foster continuous improvement and team learning. Each team member will submit his/her own copy of the same team plan. Plans should be 2-3 pages.To construct your plan, review your assessment from the Case for this module. Then, as a team, choose one improvement for each team process and clearly define the steps your team would have to take to achieve this improvement. Present the steps in a logical order and propose a date by which these steps could be completed, if your team were to stay together. Setting a realistic completion date is an essential part of any action plan.Keys to the AssignmentThe format for this SLP is flexible. You could consider a list, a chart, or a timeline. Be creative and have fun with it! The following optional reading may help you with your action plan:Writing an Action Plan based on your assessment. (n.d.) Retrieved from


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