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Please choose one of the following questions, and post your response of aminimum of 150 words. Provide references at the end.1) Go Danteworlds and read to find an area, and discuss one of Dante'scircles of the Inferno or Purgatorio. Discuss briefly (one or two sentences)what kind of sin is there and what is the punishment or penance. Is it anappropriate setup? Do you feel it is too harsh or too lenient, and explainwhy? How would you change it to fit your answer, and fit the modern time?(Now, I understand that people can get creative, so please make sure to keepyour language proper, and your responses relevant. Also, keep your repliesrespectful.Or2) Visit the  Lorenzo Ghiberti website (go to the next page on Brunelleschi aswell) and read up on the rivalry between Lorenzo Ghiberti and FilippoBrunelleschi. The rivalry was born regarding the competition over thedecorative bronze doors on the Florentine Baptistery and how each of themconducted themselves in this competition. Was Ghiberti being an intelligentcompetitor, or dishonest? Did Brunelleschi overreact or was his reactionappropriate? Choose one of these two artists and support how your chosenartist acted in this competition as being the right way to act. If you do notagree with how either acted in this competition, please describe how youwould have approached this competition if you were one of the artists?


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