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Delta Tau Chi FraternityYou have met with your friend at Delta Tau Chi fraternity and he really likeswhat you have done. He has some additional information for you. You notatethe following:Each member can have more than one address and more than one phone numberThe database needs to keep track of the member’s name, age, what year they are in (freshmen, sophomore, etc) and when they started and ended at the fraternityThere are different meal plans. for instance you can purchase the total meal plan or only breakfast, lunch or dinnerthe database needs to keep track of what meal plan the member purchases, the amount and the date they paidThe database needs to keep track of the size of each room, any amenities and the number of persons the room can fitthe database needs to keep track of who is put in which room and for what school year that is in effect.the database needs to keep track of the diferent philanthropic events the fraternity participates in and who participates in themWith this information, create an Entity Relationship Diagram that will represent all of the entities,attributes and relationships.As you work on this diagram keep the following in mind:Make all of your foreign keys required.Don’t worry about including constraints in this diagram.Don’t worry about data types.Make sure all of your attributes adequately describe the entity they are in. Make sure theseattributes cannot be derived using a query, should belong in a different entity or are the result of a calculation.Make sure you have resolved any many to many relationships by including a linking table.Make sure all lists appear as their own entities or are lookup entities.Make sure your diagram can easily fit on one page. Also make sure that your name is on your diagram


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