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First of all watch the introductory video. Then Read the document the attachment is in pdfspam-docset, and the listen or see videos from this link below from each document andthen you have to answer all the question that has each documentIntroductory Video Historical Thinking Matters website has broken some links for the audio files fromhistorian Mike O'Malley and others, so I've emailed the people who run it and asked themfor copies of those files.Document A: New York JournalSourcing A1. How long after the explosion of the Maine was this article written?2. What does the headline of the article suggest about the newspaper’s point of view?Close Reading3. Upon what type of evidence does the New York Journal base its claims?Document B: New York TimesSourcing B1. How does the date of this article compare with the date on the New York Journal andAdvertiser article?Close Reading2. According to these headlines, what happened to the Maine?3. What kinds of evidence does the New York Times include to support its account of theincident?Document C ("Awake United States"):? Historian Mike O’Malley talks about sheet music in the 19 th centuryUS. C1. When and where was this song printed?Close Reading2. According to this song, what happened to the Maine?3. What emotions are the song’s lyrics supposed to evoke? Include an example from thetext.Document D (McKinley's State of the Union Address): no supplemental media files.Sourcing D1. What is McKinley’s intention in speaking to Congress? What does this suggest about the toneand message that President McKinley might adopt in the speech?Close Reading2. McKinley lists four reasons that justify U.S. intervention in Cuba. What are these reasons?Why might McKinley have arranged them in this particular order?Contextualizing3. Based on McKinley’s speech, describe the state of affairs in Cuba. Find three phrases from thetext that support your answer


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