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For the midterm this week, choose two of the five questions below and answer them in essayformat. You should reference your textbook to help you in answering these questions (look tochapters 28 and 29). Each of your responses should be a minimum of 300 words in length,include a minimum of three key terms from the course so far, and any outside references usedmust be cited.1. Contrast the work of Renoir and Laurtrec. How do the subjects’ styles of the artistsreflect nineteenth century French society and the innovations of nineteenth century art?Use examples to support your essay.2. Describe the impact the Armory Show (1913) had on the American art scene. Useexamples to support your essay.3. Describe Pablo Picasso’s Demoiselles d’Avignon. How did this work re-shape the art ofthe early twentieth century? Include in your discussion the influences coming fromPrimitive art. Use examples to support your essay.4. Describe the development of sculpture at the end of the nineteenth century. Useexamples to support your essay. To what extent did sculpture remain conventional?What painting movements did it take into account?5. Explain the development of Cubism and the artistic movements that it spawned. Useexamples to support your essay.


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