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Assignment:Using two course texts, write a paper in which you analyze the arguments made by those scholars. You will work with your instructor to analyze texts through close reading, to develop an argument about those course texts, and to articulate your argument in a clear thesis statement.  Your main job is to evaluate these two texts and to compare them to decide which is a clearer and more convincing piece of academic argument.  You should keep in mind the audience, purpose, style, evidence, clarity, and structure of each of the arguments.Assignment Goals:To succeed with this assignment, you should demonstrate that you are able:to analyze an academic text critically, and to summarize the argument being made in that text conciselyto develop your own argument in response using analysis and articulate your argument in a clear thesis statementto choose evidence that is both relevant and compelling in support of that argumentRequired steps for assignment one:When writing this paper, you should assume that your audience is unfamiliar with the academic texts you are primarily engaging with. Therefore, you must carefully summarize the course text you are analyzing, citing directly important ideas from thetext and making clear the author’s position on key issues.Good questions to ask as you read or prepare for this assignment are:What is the author’s main argument and subsidiary points about the argument?What evidence or examples does the author provide as support for the argument?Who is the audience for this article, and what applications or value might this article have to scholars, government officials, nonprofit organizations, or researchers?Proper MLA style citation is required for all ideas not your own, whether from course texts or outside research.Here are the links for the 2 readings:––


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