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Yum! Brands may surprise you. The familiar fast food establishments that are associated with the company are no longer just a success in the United States. Please address the following items/questions: 1. As we discussed, companies who wish to do business outside their home areas must have a distinctive competence that they are able to transfer. What is/are the distinctive competence(s) that Yum! Brands has that are transferable? What resources and capabilities are associated with the competence(s)? 2. In chapter 6 we explored the strategies that a company might use to compete outside their home area. The 4 strategies were based on the amount of pressures the companies face for cost reduction and customer responsiveness. What are the strengths of those pressures for Yum! Brands? Which of the 4 strategies does this suggest for the company? Is this the strategy that you see them following? Does the potential for Yum! Brands vary by brand or should they pursue establishing all the brands in all their markets?* Remember to follow the formatting rules from the other assignments, especially the 4 page maximum. Please do not give a history of the company. You will need every bit of the 4 pages to answer this assignment.


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