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Review the Walden Institutional Review (IRB) process and requirements described in the Walden Center for Research Quality. Consider how these IRB processes and requirements for ethical practice might apply to your Final Project, which is a proposal for an intervention that addresses a health problem identified in a particular community and that is of interest to you.LINK  TO REVIEW ON IRB:Walden Institutional Review. (n.d.). Research ethics & compliance: Welcome from the IRB. Retrieved December 31, 2014, from question and details are attached and also pasted in the body.3- to 4-page paper in which you do the following:My Final Project Topic is Drug Abuse Among African American Youth In  The  United  States.QUESTION TO ANSWER: PLEASE MUST BE IN YOUR OWN WORDSExplain ethical issues related to your Final Project research program intervention.Explain whether these issues are actual or potential and provide a rationale for your answer.Explain the level of privacy that would be required according to an IRB for participants in your Final Project research program intervention, and explain why.


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