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Do you ease onto your scale, hoping for a certain number to appear—maybe what you weighed when you graduated from high school? If so, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. Rather than focus on just one number, consider other ways to think about weight:· “If-only weight”: A weight you would choose if you could weigh whatever you wanted— just like the height or eye color you’d have chosen if you could.· “Happy weight”: A weight that is not the one you’d choose as your ideal but that you’d be happy with.· “Acceptable weight”: A weight that would not make you particularly happy but that you could be satisfied with.· “Disappointed weight”: A weight that would not be acceptable.· “Never-again weight”: The all-time high you never want to hit again.Reflect on your if-only weight, happy weight, acceptable weight, disappointed weight, and never-again weight. How many pounds is your real weight from your acceptable weight? Assuming that you can lose a pound a week, how many weeks would it take to get to that weight? How do you envision yourself feeling and behaving once you reach your acceptable weight? Do you have any plans once you reach your acceptable weight, such as buying clothes or taking a weekend trip? How will your life be different?


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