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INSTRUCTIONAssignmentFor this week’s Assignment, select a local, state, or provincial health department with an emergency preparedness and response plan. If your local health department or health ministry does not have one listed, explore the state health department website, or another health department in another state or country’s jurisdiction or municipality.Once you identify a response plan, consider the role you might play on an emergency response team given your professional health track and preparation (e.g., health educator or public health practitioner). Also, consider the other roles of various types of public health professionals (e.g., health educator) on such a team.NOTE PLEASEI identify emergency preparedness and response planI chose to be health educatorPaper: 4-5 pagesBriefly describe your chosen local or state health department’s emergency preparedness and response plan.      (1). I chose Minnesota Department of Health.2.In terms of having an emergency preparedness and response plan in place, explain whether the resources listed on the web page of your chosen organization are adequate, and why or why not. Be sure to explain any gaps in resources. Regardless of whether you think the plan is adequate, suggest resources that might be added and explain why you chose these.3.Explain the role you might play on the team given your professional health track and preparation (health educator or public health practitioner). Why is this role important? What would happen if no one fulfilled this role?


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