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Class DiscussionsYou are required to initiate at least two discussions on relevant and/or current topics that relate to the material we are currently covering. You can initiate a discussion in the Discussion Room by identifying a recent article that is accessible online and tying the topic (in your own words) to the topics that are presently being covered in the course in that week. Clearly explain how this article appliesto the material that is being covered. The amount of credit is based on the degree to which you can contribute to theother student’sunderstanding of the topics that are being covered in that week. As you compose and communicate your thoughts, you will develop a better understanding of this material. In addition, other students will benefit from reading your summary. Provide the specific web site link at the bottom of your discussion. Just as you can benefit from writing applications like this, you can benefit from reading the applications provided by others.Focus on related articles that have occurred recently such as in the last month. Older articles become obsolete and do not offer useful information for students. Very technical articles are not very useful for most topics. There is no benefit from paraphrasing comments in the article about high-powered statistics or technical points that cannot be clearly understood by students. Focus only on practical applications. Your applications should help other students understand the material.Other students (not those who initiated the discussion) are expected to reflect and comment on at least two discussion topics brought up by someone else.Example of Good Discussion. An example of good discussion is shown below in italics below:An interesting event occurred in the foreign exchange markets today, which is closely tied to the material in Chapter 4 assigned this week.Yesterday, the European central bank raised the interest rate on the euro. The euro appreciated by 1.3% against the dollar. According to the website article link below, the appreciation of the euro was due to speculators who converted dollars to euros in order to take advantage of the high euro interest rate, or who expected that additional money flows to the euro would push the euro’s value higher.This example emphasizes past comments made in the text and in our Discussion Room about how money flows quickly to wherever interest rates are relatively high, especially when inflation isnot a major concern in that country or region. The article suggested that if fears of inflation increased in Europe, the money may just as quickly flow out of the euro and back into the U.S., which could cause the euro to depreciate. This point is relatedto another section in Chapter 4 regarding the effects of inflationary expectations on the currency’s value.SOURCE http://money.cnn….whatever….Other students may then add to the discussion of a current topic such as this if they have something to add.Example of Useless Discussion.Do not post comments that simply identify a related article on a web site, unless you offer a summary of the article. The following example is not useful to students and would not receive any credit:I found a web site that relates to how exchange rates are affected.SOURCE http://money.cnn…whatever…Also do not post comments that simply confirm a point that another student already made. Such comments do not add value and no credit is given for them. If a comment has many typos or is poorly worded, or has no reference point, it is difficult for other students to understand. Any form of discussion that does not help other students understand the material will not count as credit. I emphasize this because over the last three semesters that I have taught an online course, a few students will periodically insert random comments that are not related to the material.These comments not only do not contribute, but they waste the time of other students. For example, when this course focuses on currency futures, recent articles on currency futures are applicable, but articles aboutgold futures or orange juicefutures contractsetc. are not applicable. To paste a website address that contains the article you are summarizing, highlight the address for that website on your computer and then click on “copy” on your computer so that you can copy the address. Then, as you finish posting your summary of the article on the course website in the discussion room, click on “paste” on your computer. Most students know how to do this, so if the instructions here do not make sense, ask someone to show you.


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