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example of (styling)example of creating an external style sheet with at least 2 of thefollowing styles:You can include additional styles to complete site.example of (creating a new file for CSS)Open a new file in your text editor and place your CSS code in it. The following is an example of CSS code for an external style sheet with three style changes, example of using your own attributes. Save and name file style.css:body {color: #0000FF;background-color: #00FFFF;font-family: Arial;}example of (add to your HTML)example of creating a link element to connect the external cascading style sheet (CSS) to the HTML code. This element gets placed in the  section of the codeThe following is a sample of HTML5 code for the index.html page with the  element to connect the files. You will need to add in the link element in each of your three pages of your Web site. Otherwise, the styles will not appear on the second and third pages of the site.The following is a sample of the index.html code with the  element inserted into the  section:HomepageShow more


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