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Explain in your own words the major principles of forensic soundness and determine why these principles are critical to an investigation and case. Assess the reasons why making copies of data prior to forensic analysis plays a critical role in the soundness of the potential evidence. Compare and contrast the specific challenges between human-generated information and computer-generated information. Decide which you perceive to be the more challenging of the two and provide a rationale with your response. Describe what you perceive to be the most challenging and important decision to be made when building a security lab and explain why this is the case. Discuss the potential issues if this decision is not properly weighed and made a priority. Go to the Computer World Website to read the article titled “How to Build Your Own Digital Forensics Lab, Cheap,” located at Determine the feasibility of creating an inexpensive digital forensics lab. Conclude whether or not you believe a lab using inexpensive and / or free tools and homemade devices are suitable for corporate and / or law enforcement investigations. Justify your response. Describe the basic elements of human nature and how they affect information security policy development and impact information security policy implementation issues. Propose at least three ways that organizations can overcome these policy development and implementation issues. Determine the part of an IT security program that you believe is the most challenging for organizations to implement. Justify your reasoning. Analyze the business considerations, information assurance, and information systems security considerations that impact the area that you identified as being most challenging to implement. Provide at least two recommendations for IT management to implement to align the information assurance and security considerations with the business goals.


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