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The purpose of this final project is to investigate and assess the corporate social innovations of leading U.S. corporations. Current trends towards corporate social responsibility are causing firms to dedicate resources to corporate social innovation. According to the Rutgers Institute for Corporate Social Innovation, corporate social innovation involves an integration of corporate, “assets and capabilities within innovative business models to achieve positive societal impact while advancing the success and sustainability of the corporations.”  ( For this project, you will be assessing corporate social innovation using several dimensions.CORPORATION. In class, you will randomly choose a corporation.  The prestige or industry of the corporation will have no effect on the quality of the project.DATA. You must use the information that the corporation offers on the website, press releases and/or corporate social reports to gather information on the firm’s corporate social innovations.  Choose 1-3 innovations to analyze for your final project. (If you have trouble choosing between innovations, you may consult with Professor Warren.)ANALYSES. You will assess these innovations and the corresponding information by developing a system of dimensions on which to judge these corporate social innovations.  Your goal is to determine if the innovations are successful. In other words, how do we decide if they’re ‘good’ or ‘bad’ corporate social innovations? Drawing upon course materials and outside sources, you should….(A) Explicitly describe and defend the dimensions that you are using to judge the corporate social innovation. If you build on the ideas or dimensions of someone else, then you must properly cite them. I reward creativity so try to develop your own system and do not share it with your friends. Ask me if you’re unsure of your approach.(B) Explicitly describe the metrics (statistics, evaluations) the corporation currently provides and/or should provide in order to determine if the corporate social innovation is performing properly. Remember to explain why these metrics would tell us if the corporate social innovation is successful. I expect a persuasive explanation for each dimension.(C) Provide a table or figure that visually captures how the corporate social innovation is performing. It should incorporate the dimensions that you identified. I should be able to determine if the corporate social innovation is successful after reviewing your chart.PAPER & PRESENTATIONYour project will be graded based upon the quality of your writing, the creativity and persuasiveness of your system for evaluating corporate social innovations, and the logic supporting your arguments. Whenever possible, use course concepts to support your analyses.Your analyses will be communicated in a paper and a short presentation. The paper should be no more than 3 pages of text, single-spaced, in 12-point font and the presentation should be no more than 2 minutes and informal (no slides).  Both are due on Dec 6th. Submit a PRINTED COPY of the paper in class and an ONLINE COPY through the link provided below. One of the two copies must be received within the first 10 minutes of class or else I will deduct 10 pts (an additional 10 pts for each 24 hr period after the start the start of class).You must also include citations for course materials, direct quotes, paraphrased information, and facts. I don’t care which of the generally-accepted methods of citations you use so long as I can find the exact page or website where you found the information. I want the full website address. For example, you should include ( Info/PDFs/ar11_letter.pdf ) rather than the general website (http://www.wholefoodscom/). See the example of proper citations posted under Course Information and/or visit the RU library website for more information. If ANY sentence in your paper includes ANY facts about the company (i.e., something that your grandmother doesn’t know), you MUST have a citation at the end of that sentence. I don’t mind if every sentence has a citation.  I explained in class that ENDNOTES work better than footnotes or Work Cited formats but all are acceptable (see my postings on how to cite under Assignments on Blackboard).If you take more than 3 words in a row from a source, you must include quotation marks and a citation.  You may check your papers for plagiarism using our submission link (Turnitin).  If you have a violation, you can fix it and upload a new version of your paper.  Please note, Turnitin doesn’t catch everything so I use it alongside other searches.


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