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FAMILY IMPACT ANALYSIS (50 points)One of the most important skills for students to acquire during this course is the ability to applythe Family Impact Lens to existing and proposed policies. One of the ways to carry out this taskis to conduct a formal Family Impact Analysis. For this assignment, students will conduct afamily impact analysis of a specific existing or currently proposed policy. You may choose anypolicy; this includes ones we did not cover in class. However, it must be a different policy fromthe one you did your presentation and the other two papers on.Students are strongly encouraged to use the Family Impact Checklist to guide their writing, andview example analyses on the Family Institute Website (both links are provided at the bottom).Papers should include an APA format title page, APA headers, APA-style citations, and an APAformat reference page. The body of the paper may be no more than four pages long, and shouldbe single-spaced with 12-point Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins. Students do notneed to prepare an abstract for this assignment.There are four parts to this assignment:1. Students will identify and briefly summarize a current or proposed policy, and identifywhat families might be affected by the policy. Students should be attentive to both directand indirect effects.2. Students will use the family impact principles to determine how families are or can besupported by this policy. Be sure to support claims with clear arguments and specificevidence.3. Using the family impact principles, students will identify how families are or might beundermined by this policy. Be sure to support claims with clear arguments and specificevidence.4. Students will address whether there are beneficial effects that might have beenoverlooked without family impact analysis, or if there are harmful effects that a familyimpact analysis might help avoid.


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