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FIELD ASSIGNMENT 2AGE AND HAPPINESSGoals and Skills: Students are asked to apply specific concepts, happiness theories, or research findingsthey have learned in class to life experiences and specific out-of-class activities. Using a concept in a newcircumstance as well as connecting sociology to other relevant material in students’ lives allows forgreater student understanding.Specific Instructions: Find someone over age 65 (ideally even older) and ask them about happiness inorder to gain a broader view of happiness and write about it. This is a qualitative research interviewso substantive questions you may wish to ask can include:You may include direct quotations, but DO NOT simply include a transcript of the conversation. Writesubstantively about the conversation and relate it to class material. Also, please omit real names orother identifying information about your research subject. This is a good research practice to adoptnow.Substantive Discussion/Debriefing: On the class day after the assignment is due, there will be an in-classdiscussion about this assignment. Students should be prepared to talk about their paper.DUE: A digital copy should be uploaded to D2L into a correct folder by 12:59 pm on the due date (exactdates are noted on the syllabus under Course Calendar and Assignments).


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