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Foam-water system is another effective technique in the modern fire control practice, its importance as well as its uniqueness makes its understanding necessary. The use of foam-water systems for fire protection has increased exponentially since they were first introduced in the early 1900’s (Klaus, 2013). As per chapter 11 (Klaus, 2013), these systems were originally designed to be used in the petroleum industries in order to protect extra hazard areas which contained flammable or combustible liquids. Currently, the uses of foam- water sprinklers are installed in aircraft hangers, petrochemical plants, and fuel loading facilities, power plants, and tank farms. Water, foam, and gas are the agents that are applied in fire extinguishing equipment to protect human life, industrial plants, as well as building structures (Youn-Jea & Jin-Soo, 2009). In an emergency fire situation, firefighters are needed to use high expansion foam for effective firefighting, which is divided into two classifications as Class A and Class B; this paper analyzes the various uses of them.


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