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Follow the directions below to complete Lab Assignment 1:1. Using Notepad, or a similar text editor, create an .htm file that:a. displays your name and the text ” Hello World!”b. displays your name in the titlebar of the browser.2. Declare the DOCTYPE for HTML5 and create a comment listing the lab number, the author, and the date.3. After the text “Hello World!” write five (5) lines of code demonstrating headers 1 through 5. The text should identify what you are displaying. Next, write two (2) lines of regular text.4. Create:a. an ordered list with three (3) line items.b. an unordered list with three (3) line items.c. a line of BOLD text.d. a line of italicized text.e. a line of underlined text.5. All page tags should be appropriately opened and closed using the correct tags.Show more 


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