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Part 1: Argue that part of our food production is unethical? Need to identify anddescribe FOOD SAFETY. This should be one page.Using the ethical framework reading (link below) describe why this is unethical.Make sure you describe your chosen framework, and why you think that one fits youbest. Then apply this framework to the part of food production system you haveidentified which is FOOD SAFETY. This should be two pages in length.Part 2: Find another ethical framework. Apply it to the part of the food productionsystem (FOOD SAFETY) from part one. However this time you must argue that is itnot unethical (the opposing point of view). This should be one page in length.Part 3: Based on the reading (link below) proposed law that would be enforced bythe government to create positive change to our food system. Write the law broadenough to effect change.Part 4: Create 8-10 power slide. Highlight points discussed in ur paper, the proposedlaw, similar law, why yours is better, why its necessary to pass your law how itbeneficial supporters and opposition. Use visuals to make your point such as chartsor graphs to make your point.Article:


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