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For this Assignment, you will be designing a plan that will foster a mentoring or coaching culture in an organization you either currently work for or are very familiar with. To get the most out of this Assignment, it is important that you have a clear working knowledge of the organization you choose. Keep in mind that you can design a plan for either the entire organization or a specific department within that organization. If you are not currently working with an organization, consider using an organization that you are volunteering at or have served in the past.You will use the concepts, skills, and techniques discussed previously to complete this project. Checklist: In your designed plan for creating a mentoring or coaching culture address the following: Identify an organization within which you would like to develop a mentoring or coaching culture. a. Explain why this organization was selected. b. Explain why you chose either a coaching or mentoring culture. c. Explain what change you believe this culture will create within this organization or department. Identify 2 or more of the tools from Chapter 9 (Johari Window, Transactional Analysis, Karpmann Triangle, Career Lifeline, Brainstorming, Visualization, Role-Reversal, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Wheel of Work/Life, Force Field Analysis, CAN model: conflict, assertiveness, negotiation, Critical Path Analysis) that you will use in your plan. Explain why you chose those particular tools and how they will be used. . Provide a detailed overview of your plan. a. Provide an overview of the current culture in the organization. b. Provide a detailed description of what the culture will look like once you have chosen to mentor or coaching culture is in place. c. Provide the steps involved as well as a timeline for this plan to be put in place. d. Include the individual roles that will be assigned.e. Include a cost-benefit analysis of your plan. f. Address any ethical issues or concerns that could arise and how you will manage those situations. g. Be sure that this portion of the Assignment is written in a clear, organized, and chronological order. Conclusion. a. Provide a brief summary of why you believe your plan would be effective if presented to the organization that was selected. b. Theory or Practice?i. The final section of your paper will be to explain if your plan is based on theory or do you believe it could be put into practice in the organization you selected. Either response is acceptable but if you select theory, explain what is keeping you from actually presenting this idea to the organization. If you select practice, share how you will be presenting this to the organization. This Assignment will require you to use your readings from Chapters 11 and 12 and at least 2 academically credible sources. The Assignment should be 4-5 pages in length and be APA compliant. Reference: Connor, M. & Pokora, J. (2012). Coaching & mentoring at work: Developing effective practice. (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Open University Press.


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