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Aim: This task raises the bar for your learning. It asks you to use a higherlevel of skills than the first reflection – synthesizing the aspects of a theoryinto a short summary. As a result, the knowledge you gain will be richer andmore significant.Outcomes: You will perform higher-level philosophical skills, namely,summarising and synthesizing organizing principles of ethics. Byconcentrating the overall ideas into a short space, you also improve youra memory of the material, the sharpness of your critical reconstructive skills,and the depth of your understanding.Length: 400 (min) to 500 (max) words. Skimping on words will beregarded as incomplete.Format: Clean and clear, but no set format other than Please use asuitable referencing system; and present your writing as one unitedtext, not separate questionsattemptTask descriptionA.      Preparation: Practice each week (but do not submit)Choose one approach to the source of morality that you have studied, i.e. oneof the theories about the source of morality that we have discussed and readabout in weeks 5 to 9. Think through – perhaps by discussion, writing notes, amind map, or diagram – the following prompts, and then compose youranswer to the second part further below.1. What distinguishes the theory from other theories we’ve encountered?(is it focused on ‘interior’ or ‘exterior’ states? Is it about intentions orconsequences? Etc.)2. Think about the kind of evidence that the theory appeals to. What isthe fundamental insight really about? (e.g. is it about objectivelymeasurable facts & results, or subjective intuitions?)3. What kinds of action or character do you think this theory promotes?4. What sorts of words might you then choose to summarise the theory? B.      Writing: What you submit1.  Summarise the text in a single word. Yes – one word! Use this as thetitle of your reflection.2.  Write 4-500 words explaining and defending the word that you havechosen by following these steps:a)      By appealing to the main ideas of the theory in your own terms, explainwhy you chose your wordb)      Provide evidence from the Unit Readings, in the formof precise quotation and explanation of that quotation, to demonstrate howyour word captures the philosophical ideas (precise = one or two shortphrases or sentences that demonstrate your point)c)       Use an example (from the lecture, reading or referenced source) thataims to convince your reader that your interpretation is justified. (That is, yourchosen word is a reasonable summary and your explanation of the ethicalideas authentically engage with the concern of the theory)


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