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DescriptionLegal Case AnalysisBackgroundNearly every legal constraint on the collection and presentation of forensic or testimonialevidence in a federal criminal proceeding emanates from the 4th and 5th Amendments, and isapplied to state-level cases by the 14th Amendment. Case law has not only affirmed theapplicability of these constitutional rights; it has provided and continues to provide definitions,exceptions, and direction. Most importantly, the courts have shaped the "exclusionary rule" asthe consequence for violation of these protections. The criminal investigator must have acomprehensive knowledge of these court decisions, the principles in which they are grounded,and their application to the investigation at hand.Project AssignmentYou shall submit a total of four case law reviews describing two pivotal cases allowing ordisallowing the handling (search, seizure, collection, procession, court presentation, etc.) offorensic evidence, and two pivotal cases allowing or disallowing the handling (capturing,recording, soliciting, etc.) of testimonial evidence. The second case for each category may not bemerely the application of a federal ruling to state-level cases under the provisions of the 14thAmendment. The choice of the cases is left to you, but must be pre-approved by your instructoras appropriate for this assignment.Criteria:1. The case must be criminal and the defendant must have been found guilty2. The case must have been appealed… are looking for an appeal based on either a forensicissue or testimonial evidence.3. The case must have occurred in the USSo, try searching "criminal appeal forensic evidence" or "appeal testimonial evidence". You canalso go to the Supreme Court website.You will submit the four legal case reviews. For each case, you will:? provide a brief overview of the facts of the case? provide the determination of the court? describe the legal reasoning or rationale used by the court to reach its decision? describe the implications of the ruling on the conduct of criminal investigations


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