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Framing data in a visual way, as described by David McCandless, could be very beneficial for allstages of the change process. One of the greatest overall benefits that I see is that it's a veryquick and easy way to gain a better grasp of what the data really means. Employees in today'sorganizations are so busy that they need to be able to grasp the information being shared withthem quickly and visualization of the data does that.I can especially see how it's helpful for the Awakening stage when the change agent is trying tocommunicate the need for change in a way that others can understand. Some of McCandless'visuals were amusing but others were more eye opening – like relating the size of militaryspending or number of soldiers compared to the country's total budget or population size. Itmakes you want to look a little closer at those small countries that are spending a lot of moneyon their military to understand why and if there's a risk there.In the mobilization stage, using a visual to show how far or how close one is to their goal couldhelp drive action. Folks can either say, we are really close to our goal so we just have to dig alittle deeper and we will be there. Or they can say, we have a long ways to go so we better getstarted.The acceleration phase is where the plan is developed. This made me think of strategic plans.When there's just a lot of text explaining the various goals and tactics and how they fittogether, it's not very interesting and most staff won't want to wade through all the text. But ifyou can organize the key steps of the plan under headings or use arrows to show how thetactics intersect, it's so much easier to understand.The last phase is institutionalizing and making the change inherent in organizational processesand showing the level of success achieved. Visuals are a good way to keep initiatives top ofmind and celebrating success.Following the election we just had, I think McCandless' depiction of the two sides ofgovernment could help people find some common ground.Reply:2.The visualization of data aids in all stages of the change process. When organizations or departments gothrough change, it is difficult for those not involved in the decision making to understand the reasons for thechanges, let alone grasp the value of it. Many times, data and words alone do not appropriately tell a story andI’m guessing that all of us, at one point or another, have looked at a colleague, a spouse or a friend and asked,‘do I need to draw you a picture?’ David McCandless video made some very good points that throughvisualization, transparency, clarity and often context can be realized.In the Awakening stage visualization is essential for communication of the need for change. During this timedefects and gaps are identified along with opportunities for change. Having a strong visual presentation couldbe instrumental in the success or failure of the overall project.In the Mobilization stage visualization could be used to create a roadmap or timeline of the project/change. Itis during this time that communication to stakeholders and other affected individuals will take place. Aroadmap would give them a better understanding of the projects progress.In the Acceleration stage visual tools could be used to show the progress that has been made as well as anymilestones that have been met. Often times Stoplight charts are used to show status of red, yellow or green.This is an important time to keep the communication lines open to ensure the stakeholders are remaininginvolved and knowledgeable regarding the upcoming change.During the final stage, institutionalization or implementation, visual tools are a key factor in displaying theprogress, the success and any identified risks as well as a means to monitor progress towards steady state.Having been involved in a very large project over the last year and a half, with significant amounts ofinformation coming my way, I can attest to the fact that visualization has been extremely important inpresenting and understanding data.Instruction Files Discussion reply.docx


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