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COM 590Assignment 8Analyze the policies, vulnerabilities, risks, and internal controls for a French bank (Societe Generale) thatwas a victim of a large scale fraud and recommend improvements to the company’s IT security policies.This assignment calls for a systematic analysis of an organization’s policies, vulnerabilities, risks, andinternal controls. Many scientific, engineering, information, and accounting disciplines advocate generalsteps to problem-solving utilizing a systems approach.At this point in your academic career, you should be proficient at applying such a general approach tosolving specific problems. Select and adopt such an approach with which you are most comfortable fromyour prior professional and academic experiences to apply to this assignment.Suggested steps to the general systems approach to problem-solving are as follows:1. Define the problem2. Identify evaluation criteria/measures of effectiveness3. Identify alternatives/solutions4. Evaluate/analyze alternatives utilizing analytical techniques consistent with step 2criteria/measures5. Select and display preferred alternative(s)/solution(s) consistent with the analysis in step 46. Implement and monitor step 5 solution(s)Refer to the French bank Societe Generale in the following URLs:trader-billion-fraud/Additionally, review specific readings regarding security controls, audits, inspections, risk assessment,and countermeasures. Utilizing an appropriate methodology for analysis (which may be adapted from theabove 6 steps), identify a set of 8-10 recommendations toward solving the fraud issue of French bankSociete Generale.There are three additional things to keep in mind:Defining the problem or issue will require a data gathering stage.1. Problem-solving is not a once-through sequence of steps always performed in a specified order. Itis full of iteration and feedback loops.2. Finally, you will not be able to implement and monitor your recommendations in this assignment.Perhaps that means provisions for implementation and monitoring should be part of yourevaluation criteria.Your paper should include the following:bank;problems in and improving the bank’s security posture;implementation of the security policies, controls, and countermeasures.Prepare your paper to the following format:edition (or later) guidelines


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