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GOALS GET YOU WHERE YOU WANT TO BE 2Setting goals has been known as the most practical and valid measure formotivation, as per a research held by Edwin Locke and Professor Gary Latham. (Langton’s et al,2016. Pg. 139). Goals provide a direction and path that needs to be followed to achieve success.There are many ways that goals can motivate individuals at work or in their personal lives. Thesemotivations can be in the form of creating a sense of attention, regulate effort that needs to be putin to achieve a task, increase persistence and encourage the expansion of strategies and plans.For goals to be effectively set individuals should identify their task, specify a deadline, prioritizethe goals, rate the goals for difficulty and importance and get feedback. (Langton’s et al, 2016.Pg. 162) These are some ways that individuals can follow to make sure goals are being followedand are effective. These steps can help employees and individuals be focused and determined toachieve their goals. In contrast, even though goals seem to be a positive way to bring the bestoutcome they are not always effective. As there are many advantages of goal settings inindividuals and business practices there are many negative impacts for the same.Personal goal is a result which requires efforts to meet. “Personal goals are goals set byan individual to influence the direction of his efforts. Personal goals are dreams trying to becomereality.” (Rebecca, 2015) In order to achieve personal goal, individual need to commit andmotivate themselves to make sure they are focused. Goal setting can be a good motivation butthere is always some advantages and disadvantages of setting personal goal but most of them areadvantages. Some of advantages include. Personal goal setting can provide a future directionwhich can which can guide individual in everyday decision-making process, also it help inplanning strategy to work towards the individual target.


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