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Group ProjectInstruction:You and your team members should choose a problem statement and apply statistical techniques to solve it. The following step by step instruction will guide you to complete this activity:Step 1: Find an appropriate dataset. You can collect your own data or use a publically available dataset. There are several free sources that you can find online. For example you can look into and select one of the available datasets from this website.Step 2: Calculate the summary statistics for the data that you chose in step 1. For example calculate mean, median, mode, standard deviation, percentiles, etc. Explain what you can understand from the descriptive statistics.Step 3: Create meaningful charts for the data that you selected in step 1. For example create bar charts or pie charts or scatter plots. Explain what you can understand from the charts.Step 4: Create a confidence interval for the mean of variables in your dataset. Use the appropriate method from chapter 8 for your data.Step 5: Create at least two hypotheses to test for your data. Chose the appropriate method from chapter 9 or 10. Explain your hypothesis and explain your results.Note: maximum number of group members is 5.Deliverables:1. You need to create a Word document that explains all the 5 steps above that you took for your project in details. Submit your Word document in Canvas before the presentation day.2. Prepare PowerPoint slides or any other format that you are comfortable with to present your project in class on presentation day. Divide the sections of your presentation among your team members. All team members have to participate in the presentation and deliver parts of the work. Submit your slides in Canvas before the presentation day.Rubric for Group Project


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